Ever increasing challenges of the Path to Market

The Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry faces many challenges today in successfully bringing new products to market. With few new products, stagnant markets, reduced health care budgets, and increasing brand and generic competition, Bio/Pharma companies are fighting an increasingly intense battle for market share and corporate survival. 

These pressures for innovation at significantly reduced costs come at a time when there is a vast amount of scientific data available. Medicine Differentiation Analytics (MDA) Methodology transforms this vast data into repeatable, automated, and streamlined differentiation analysis within Disease Area for greater return on investment decisions across portfolios.
MDA Methodology Applied Analytics to Leverage Success

Reflects True Differentiation

Is Customer Driven

Monetizes Value across Portfolios 
Describing how your medicine will be uniquely differentiated in the market so that it has the highest probability to be:

  Paid For
  Taken over all other alternatives

Our solution includes a HealthCare Differentiation Indicator and various Differentiation scores that compare your asset on pre-determined Disease Area parameters to other current and future competing products.
Demonstrating how strongly your medicine addresses real unmet needs in the market for:


The MDA Methodology ensures optimal Label Claims are driven from Unmet Customer Needs.
Providing the likelihood your medicine will bring the highest Return on Investment (ROI) over other alternatives in your portfolio. The MDA Methodology includes an evaluation of:

  How real the opportunity is - that your medicine directly addresses a significant unmet need

  The likelihood your asset will win in the market against other alternatives

  The financial worth of the life cycle investment

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